Friday, August 24, 2012

Things that made me laugh this week

This week, I got this stuck in my head:

I first saw it on Tuesday morning, and I'm still hearing it in my head.

This gif is just made of pure LOL:

Yes, I felt bad for the horse while laughing at it.

Breaking Bad had a great scene in it where Jesse, Walter and Skyler are sitting around the dinner table, and Jesse tries desperately to fill the terribly awkward silence:

There is no way this full scene is on the internet legally, but these few seconds are really just the icing on the cake made of green beans from Albertsons, and microwave lasagna dinners.  If you didn't get the reference WATCH BREAKING BAD.  NOW!!!  Unless you have Dish.  Because, as I'm reminded everytime I watch AMC, Dish hates the best dramas on television.