Thursday, December 22, 2011

Something is different... can't quite put my finger on it...

Since I started this blog, I have completely redone the lay out 3 times and fiddled with it multiple other times.  The first try was a hideous purple monstrosity.  I'm a fan of the color and I was going through a phase that should be reserved for 12 year old girls.  After a few weeks, I realized how ugly the colors and layout were so I changed to an orangey doodle background with white foreground.  It was an improvement, but in my way of thinking if it's not monochromatic, it must have like 15 different colors in it.  So the background was orange, the title was purple, the titles were some other color--it was just too much.  I liked it at first, just like I thought 4 shades of purple hit the spot because I have no taste.  After a while I realized I was actually embarrassed by the way the blog looked so I changed it again.  The color scheme has been simplified.  I also added "read more" links (or "jumps" in blog lingo) on the longer posts so you don't have to scroll-scroll-scroll to get to previous posts (I hate that, so why would I do that to anyone who might stumble across my blatherings?) I figured out how to add a background picture to my title (seriously folks, any monkey can create a blog; deftly using Microsoft Paint to create your very own stolen off the internet picture requires genius), and I think it's the best way to describe what I'm trying to do here.

Yes, after typing that last sentence I spent 10 minutes googling pictures of monkeys on computers.

Speaking of what I'm trying to do,  most blogs I have stumbled across have a theme.  All I can say is my theme is randomness.  So there.  Don't expect too much from me, all 1 of my readers who may or may not be my mom.

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