Saturday, July 14, 2012

Videos and Recommitment To Blogging

I don't know why, but I find this commercial highly amusing.  I guess I'm the kind of person the advertisers are going after.  The kind of person who thinks shouting "Whoo!  Dachsund!" is hilarious.
I also think the Geico commercial with the piggy going "wee wee weee" all the way home is funny (the first one where he's in the car with the pinwheels).  I laughed out loud the first time I saw it.

This week I heard this song and it brought back memories of the 90's.   Ahh the 90's.  They were so awesome.

Anyway, I've been gone for awhile.  I just haven't had the energy to blog.  I'll get an idea and think, "I oughta take note of that," and then I get distracted and completely forget about it.  I suppose I should make a schedule.  I think I started with a schedule back in May, but that went out the window pretty quick.

I'm going to take this moment to recommit to blogging here at Completely Unoriginal Thoughts on a regular basis.  Every Saturday.  I need to move on from posting videos from YouTube and actually write something.  Starting next Saturday.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

(Remember the old SNL skit with John Lovitz?  The one where he's always lying and saying "Yeah, that's the ticket"?  I don't know, just random memory).

Oh, one more video and I'll stop.  I promise.  I love me some old school muppets, no Elmo for me.  I hate the song being parodied, but I love cookies.

Crap.  Now I have the original stuck in my head.

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