Friday, July 1, 2011

That's Not How You Make Chilli!

I live in Kentucky, just outside of Fort Knox.  I am not from Kentucky.  I am always quick to point that out.  I usually claim Michigan as my home state, but that is not necessarily true, as I was a military brat and moved around a bit.  But Michigan is where I spent the longest amount of time during my formative years, and I would rather be there than here, but that's another story.

There are many things that are unique to Kentucky, just like any other state, but one of the many things that really gets my goat is the way they make chilli around here.  You know, chilli, made with tomatoes, hamburger, onions, peppers, spices, however you imagine chilli to be.  Like this:

But, in Kentucky they put noodles in their chilli.  I've seen it with spaghetti and with macaroni.

What the...?

I refuse to eat it on principle.

I seem to be the only person bothered by this.  Every Kentucky native I've met claims it's the best and only way to make chilli.  Chilli without noodles is like spicy tomato soup to them.  Just like how they pronounce "idea" as "ideal" and continue to vote for Mitch McConnell, it's just something I'll never get about this place.

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