Thursday, August 25, 2011

As long as we can pretend the Palins don't exist

In the waiting area of the place my son gets tutoring from, they have some educational toys to entertain the kids while they wait for their turn.  One of the toys is a map of the United States that has little pictures on each state that you can scroll through by turning a knob on the map.  As you turn the knob the pictures go from state capitals, to famous landmarks, to famous natural formations.  It also shows famous people for each state: Kentucky has Daniel Boone, Mississippi has Elvis, Hawaii shows Kamehameha.  Alaska's famous person: Typical Eskimo.

Not a typical Eskimo
The writing on the pictures is so small that I thought maybe it was the name of some famous Alaskan that just looked like Typical Eskimo, but no. No, no...sadly no.

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