Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Odd Number of Teeth

I have 23 teeth.  Yes that's an odd number, but I have a good explanation.  I always like to point out that the 24th tooth is not missing due to decay.  God forbid that anyone think I suffer from the gum disease GINGIVITIS.  The reason for this is I represent the next step in human evolution, or so I tell myself.  Better that than being some sort of mutant freak.

The point I'm getting at here is that I lack wisdom teeth and my 12 year molars.  Plus number 24 was a baby tooth that didn't have an adult tooth to replace it.  These teeth never existed in my head.

They* say wisdom teeth evolved as replacements for teeth that may have been lost during a person's lifetime, or back when we needed more teeth to chew tougher food.  Whatever the reason, God or Evolution, or perhaps Godvolution decided we don't need them anymore; our jaws shrank and there's no room for all those extra teeth in many people's mouths.  Which is why Godvolution invented wisdom tooth extractions.

Back to my point of being the future of humanity: I was musing on this recently and thought, "Hey, I'm just like the X-men! "  Wait, don't leave.  I'm getting ready to explain myself.

So the X-men are the next step, right?  They have special powers as part of human evolution.  Humans place fewer demands on their teeth in this age of cooked food, tools and Jello, so we don't need as many.  Evolution grants us fewer teeth.  Ergo-my 23 teeth put me in the same league as Wolverine.

I dare you to poke holes in my logic.**

*Some scientists I have a vague memory of reading about.
**Don't you dare try to poke holes in my logic.


  1. Hey! I found you at the a - z challenge and I like your blog :)

    You are like wolverine! I have 26 teeth (you made me count!) Despite having horrendously wonky teeth all my life, for some reason my wisdom teeth decided to completely behave and I got to keep them. So I skipped on losing teeth as well as the Godvolution of teeth extraction, maybe I'm some kind of hero too :D

    1. First day on A to Z and I get a comment. YaaaaaY! Thanks for stoppping by and commenting. I really appreciate it! :)

  2. Also found you via A to Z!

    I claim to be X-Men level evolution too, although not due to my teeth... I had an extra adult one so my teeth are running last in the evo race! All my other oddities mean I should have claws, be able to phase through walls and fly but I'm still waiting for all that to kick in. Hopefully by next year...