Saturday, May 12, 2012

I have had a week where I really didn't feel like blogging.  My duties at work changed so that I sit in a cubicle all by myself, staring at a computer all day; doing reports, updating spreadsheets, writing procedures.  It's not hard work, just time consuming so most nights I don't feel like being on a computer.

So, just some random things that happened this week.

Just this afternoon I was at Walgreens when I heard behind me-in one of those thick accents that make people outside Kentucky think creepy banjo music-"Ma said they was selling licker up here now!" I am purposely misspelling "liquor" to make a point here. "How much is it here! She said it was supposed to be cheaper!" The exclamation points aren't hyperbole.  This man was actually shouting like the person he was with was hearing impaired.  "How much is that bottle of Jo-se Cuer-vo?!  Sixteen dollars?!  I ain't payin' sixteen dollars for Jo-se Cuer-vo!"  I don't know, maybe you had to be there. 

They also had wine in those little cartons like chocolate milk come in, which I found...odd.

I heard this song on the radio one day on my drive to work.  It reminded me of highschool since it came out at about that time.  A walk down auditory memory lane.
It was my brother's birthday Friday.  I didn't forget it, but every birthday reminds me of the Flight of the Conchords song "Hurt Feelings" where Jermaine says "The day after my birthday is not my birthday, Mum."  I crack up everytime I hear that, probably because of the New Zealand accent.

Oh, and I saw this on the internet one day.  I don't recommend it for everybody, because even I was a little afraid that I might have come one step closer to insanity after watching it.

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