Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Night Wrap Up

I feel bad that I haven't been posting so much since A to Z ended.  Without the pressure of a challenge forcing me to post everyday I have gotten a bit lazy.

So I'm going to do what I did last week and post some stuff that came up this week.  I think I'll try to make this a regular thing-post every Saturday at least.  And maybe once more during the week.  I don't know.  Definitely Saturdays though.

Anyhoo,  I heard this song this week.  People always have something to snarky to say about it, but how did it become so popular?  Hypocrites.  Also, I just realized, 20 years later, that he talks about getting shot at.

At work, one of my new duties is to send out a report to the floor with a list of available work.  Background: I work in a call center for a credit card processing company.  You know when you run your credit card or debit card at the store?  We are the middle man that transmits the information from the store to the bank.  My department makes outbound calls to reprogram credit card terminals to a new processing platform (not going into details, it's kind of confusing, and probably proprietary information anyway).  Well, I send out a report that says we still have 250 merchants to call who haven't been called yet that day.  People start FREAKING OUT because I didn't give the correct number.  Whatever.  The ONLY reason I send this report is because about 50% (and I am not exaggerating this number out of frustration) of the phone agents figure someone else will do the work and don't bother to look for it on their own.  One of the other Team Leads comes to me and says "So, uh, the wayward children (that's what he calls them) are a little upset because of the report."  My response: "If they did their jobs, I wouldn't have a chance to screw up my own."  I am SO tired of hearing people bitch just to bitch at this point.  And that turned out way more ranty than I planned.

On  a lighter note, I got 90 minutes of Community this week.  Sadly they have only been renewed for 13 episodes next year, and I guess the fired Dan Harmon, the show runner, so I don't know how those last few episodes will turn out.  And now 4 minutes of Troy crying:


  1. I've been lazy about posting too. I've been trying to stick with a three a week schedule...but I'm getting kind of "meh" about it. I think that's why I just signed up to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo! Fun will be had! Or else!

  2. I heard about the Camp NaNoWriMo, but I'm not ambitious enough to try.