Sunday, June 19, 2011

What am I doing here?

There is a blog I visit quite often.  I don't follow blogs, I visit them.  Although I guess if you visit a blog on a regular basis that is considered following.  But I digress.  The blog is called  It consists of Top 11 lists as opposed to Top 10 lists because "Top Ten lists are for cowards".  He has a lot of funny stuff there, and you may learn some interesting and useless facts while you're being entertained. 

His most recent list is 11 Secrets of Creating a Successful Blog (Almost All of Which I Did Wrong).  It's a list of useful tips in creating and maintaining a blog.  Obviously I don't have any followers at this point because I have not advertised this blog to anyone at all.  I know, what's the point of having a blog and not telling anyone about it.  Well, I am following point number number 5.  I got that idea all on my own, but when I saw it on 11 Points I felt justified.  Point number 1 may or not be a problem. I started this on a whim. I have no theme. 

Many blogs are nothing more than exercises in narcissism. I hope I don't go that route.  But what then is a blog about me just saying random crap?

Whatever this turns out to be, I figured I should set some goals for myself.  I hope to be able to shoot for one "real" post a week.  By real I mean something that requires thought and research.  There may be additional short thought of the moment posts.

I also need to figure out how the Blogger format works.  I have the basics, but I want to be able to post pictures and links without jacking up the whole post.  I'll figure it out.

BTW, if anyone is watching, you should really check out 11 Points.  The guy has his own take on things and doesn't disappoint on the lists.

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