Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Don't try to pinch me on Saint Patrick's Day for not wearing green.

Don't tell me you finished cleaning your room when all you did was pile your blankets on your bed.

Don't ask me a question and then argue with me about the answer.

Don't pet my hair like I'm a dog.

Don't go to a horror movie and spend the whole movie muttering-just loud enough for the person in front of you to hear- "oh no" "Oh no" "OH NO" "They shouldn't be doing that."  "They're going to get caught"  "I told you" or the best: "We should have gone to see the movie about the horse".  Yeah, you SHOULD have gone to the horse movie.

Don't "Reply All".

Don't offer to switch shifts with me, then show up late.

Don't try to fake a Kentucky accent when you're from upstate New York.

Don't try to fake any sort of British accent while you're at it.

Don't ask me about my weekend.


  1. So many don'ts - - I can totally relate to a lot of those! I hate fake accents! It's so pretentious or . . . stupid. I hate it when people ask you something and then don't listen to your answer. That's a good one!

  2. Oh man, that was me at Black Swan. To be fair, I did enjoy the movie. For some reason, I can't keep my mouth shut in exciting movies. That's why I try to sit in isolated areas of the theater, far far away from other patrons, and keep it to a whisper in my friend's ear. I'm pretty sure some people hate watching movies with me. But at least I try to wait until the theaters won't be packed so I don't have to bug the hell out of everyone -- just my friends.

    And I don't really watch horse movies. Lame.

  3. Don't tell me which road to go on when I know the signs already!

    Don't call me a million times if I don't pick up the first time- I'll get back to you!

    Don't typ lk ds or LyK tHiS


    1. yes, the calling a million times thing is very annoying.

    2. I hate the text spelling. I know there's a name for it, but I'm not cool enough to know it. Whenever I read something written like that, I have to slow down because it's like trying to read and comprehend Shakespearian English.

  4. I've had those days before! Especially the second and third "don'ts."

  5. I totally agree with all these points (though nobody ever petted me, did anyone actually attempt that with you?)
    Especially about the movie thing. Everybody knows you should not open the door after you heard screams of horror, but it would not be much of a movie if the protagonist just hid under their bed, would it?

    1. Someone tried to pet me as recently as yesterday. I may explain the reasons for this in a later post.

  6. LOVED this! I should make a weekly post like this...may I steal your idea? I felt relieved after reading yours, as if I'd unloaded a bunch of stuff that bothered me! When the challenge is over, I'm going to try to make a weekly schedule so that I have more structure and with it, more writing. Go Team Tina!

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-Host of the April A to Z Challenge
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z #atozchallenge

    1. Steal away. I want to try to do more writing too. The Challenge is just the shock I need to get going. I hope.